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           The Normal - TVOD
           The Knife
           Jon Barbara
           The Marine Girls
           Fever Ray
           Absolute Body Control - Is There An Exit? 
           Trisomie 21
           Jeff Buckley
            it could be in the existence that we forge ahead like this. I would 
            does it matter?
            all symbiosis is a trial of neglect and warmth.
            so we've got that then.
    **and from here she sees the ocean**
      (a practice in deconstruction)

4th deconstruction

a thin wire attaching it 
it would not fall to the ground.
she confessed the motion 
drips of plum leaked. I my eyes, 
"yeah, I'll clean it up. just not now. ok?"
she wasn't concerned about plum juice. 

the plum inches from the floor. 
the wire the plum. 
"how much space do you think there is between the floor?" she asked.
I was already in the other room.